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O Lord my God, I plead my case,
I have walked the path of self death and
Falteringly have kept myself from sin.
My passions are subdued and,
My indulgences restrained.
I have sought your presence and faithfulness,
I have desired and listened for your voice.

My intention is only dependent action,
Never wishing to act independently again.
I have made you near impossible promises,
That I have diligently kept.
Promises that hurt deeply and cost almost all.

Please Father act now,
And keep me from sin.
Keep me from breaking promises and
Be active from your throne.
For I am impotent again and
I wish to sin no more.

My need for you is endless,
My love for you acute
My trust in you un-shakeable.
Father you never cease doing me good,
Act now for me I pray.

Defend my cause, that
My righteous paths may be level,
And justice rule as king!