• Devotions for the Soul

    12 December, 2013

    Devotions for the Soul Devotion is power to great relationships, and the fruit of a surrendered heart. God's technology for building up a relationship is simple - it is to be down upon the knees. There are five pillars to personal devotion: Stillness Secrecy Separation Silence and…...[read more]

  • Food for the Soul

    12 December, 2013

    A soul is alive - owned by each individual, and they are free to trade the soul as they wish. Many spend the soul upon the delights of the body, sacrificing it to beatings and so losing blessings. Yet others see the soul as a flower to be watered or a mind to be nurtured. It is the energy of the…...[read more]

  • Life for the Soul

    12 December, 2013

    It is Jesus' fine intention and perfect will that each believer is able to receive life to the full. Jesus is not a cheat, liar or malevolent. He has a good pleasing and perfect will for each of those who name Him Lord. Yet life (satan) consistently conspires against Jesus ambitions for His…...[read more]

  • Babylonian Faith ~ B ... Living in Babylon

    22 November, 2013

    Introduction (This SoulSense is sequential to Babylonian Faith ~ A) The Bible is a divine transcript for the disciple's sojourn through Babylon to Jerusalem. The journey of a Christian's life is the journey across earth to Jerusalem, but Babylon wants the disciple to get lost. It posts…...[read more]

  • Babylonian Faith ~ A ... Foot Soldiers for Babylon

    13 September, 2013

    Introduction 'Babylon' springs (lurches?) into Biblical pre-history in Genesis 10. The post-flood world is settling and God is yet again ignored, disobeyed and forgotten. The team of mankind conspire to reach heaven in their might, independent of God they raise a tower to heaven. Babylon is…...[read more]

  • 5 Worthy Desires

    22 August, 2019

    'The heart of Christ desires peace' (anon), so too men. Desires of the soul trump the desires of the flesh. They are the deeper and authentic yearnings, undulled by the flesh. The flesh can never offer satisfaction to them. They express the core longings implanted within man, the real…...[read more]

  • Keep Your Heart With All Vigilance

    20 August, 2019

    The heart is the fabric of a man. It is his fibre, his engine room, and his bubbling headwaters to life. At times men attempt to hide their heart from view through a perceived self-protective necessity. In pride or in fear they choose not to be known. However, many other times despite a man's…...[read more]

  • Uncomplicated

    18 August, 2019

    They have closed their minds to understanding. (Job 17:4a) Mankind, humanity, indeed all mere mortals stand precariously peering, considering and falling into an inviting 'bright' abyss, unable to discern the wicked darkness they tumble into. 'Unbending, unyielding, world-resisting,…...[read more]

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