• History's Most Patient Man?

    5 March, 2018

    Impulse drives out reason.

    Impatience has become the first response of many a man. 

    Upon the streets of life it appears that patience is a virtue dropped in gutters.

    Surely none can beat Noah's record of patience?

    Maybe, just maybe, he was the most patient man in history?

    Noah waited nigh on a century for the promised floods to come, all the while building a boat that no human reason could support.

    Noah already knew:

    God does not take back His words. (Isaiah 31:2b)

    An aged Abraham was less patient. Nevertheless, he waited a quarter of a century for the promised first birth his impossibly elderly wife would give him.

    God has made an unknown quantity and variety of promises to His peoples. You may be one still waiting? Please note - God has not broken a promise, and yours too still awaits its appointed time.

    Waiting patiently on His promises can be as much a season of doubt as it is security. It is too a time of testing. Satan's small whispers will echo in your ear as they did to Eve in Eden:

    did God really say this?

    Yet, be warned from Eve's example to doubt, for this doubt led to mankind's death. Refuse too Sarah's doubting that saw Ishmael and another nation born, a powerful nation at great odds with God's people. 

    It is when the promise is mistrusted that man pollutes God's pure plans. Harm is the rotten fruit of mistrust.

    Unlike Adam and Abraham, unlike Eve and Sarah, understand that waiting is simply to stand upon God's promises, that's all. Rest is present. Enjoy the rest. Take no impatient action to fast forward the delivery of God's promises. 

    The ladder of promise every waiting believer stands firmly upon, will not fall. Its steps are the place of blessing.

    To this day He who makes promises from heaven does not take them back upon earth.

    Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust. (Psalm 40:4)

    Today's Soul Snippet:

    'Sorrow commonly comes on horseback, but goes away on foot'. ~ Thomas Adams

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