• How to Value the Soul

    2 March, 2018

    Any man can embark on a wholehearted journey to the discovery of his soul, countless have. Emptiness and disappointment will only result if his true redemption is not found.

    Jesus paid a cost no human would consider reasonable. He left heaven, became a human and sold His life for mankind. 

    Jesus knows the true value of all things. He made them. He cares for them. Thus, He bought the most important back. He knows what is eternal.

    The value of the soul is measured by its eternal quality. ~ Billy Graham

    His redemption of men cost Him His life, His dignity, His well-being, His heavenly home, but it never cost Him His soul (although satan tempted Him to lose His soul too).

    Mankind is blind to the real value of the soul. 

    The soul is as large as forever. But, as with Esau, mankind measures the value of his soul as small as 'now'.

    “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” (Mark 8:36)

    Salvation is not found in the things of 'now', for tomorrow's 'now' is always different to 'yesterdays'. What the soul values is always changing, but the soul's value is not.

    Redemption is found in that which does not change. This is the permanent laying of hands upon forever's fortunes, at the cost of losing today's gold.

    Jesus knew the true value of the soul. It is why He died for the souls of men.

    Those who value their soul as Jesus did, will discern their days aright. Unlike Esau they will not exchange tomorrow for today.

    Value your soul and then enjoy the fortunes of forever, for Jesus valued your soul first. 

    When I am in God's presence I will finally apprehend my true value, that death-defying value of my soul.

    Today's Soul Snippet:

    'I have learned more from life's trials than its triumphs'. ~ anon

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