• Sit & Sup With Me#

    16 September, 2019

    Christ stands at the doorway knocking:

    Saying, “Child, won’t you let Me in?
    It’s only My Blood, that I shed on the Cross,
    That can wash your soul free from sin.”
    There are doors in our heart a-plenty,
    That we can close off to the Lord,
    But hiding whatever’s behind them,
    Is a luxury we cannot afford.
    His love is the key to unlocking,
    These doors that we’ve closed up so tight,
    But He gives us the choice them to open,
    With our will He will not fight.
    We can choose in our shame to deny them,
    Let fear make us hide them away,
    But if we refuse Him an entry,
    Then the fear and the shame there will stay.
    And even the wounds that we cosset,
    Pretending they’re not what they are,
    He wants to come in and get at them,
    Not toss in His love from afar.
    So open each door, as you’re able,
    His Spirit will give you the key,
    And He will come in with His Bread and His Wine,
    And say, “Child, sit and sup with Me.” ~ #Ailsa Yates 

    Today's Soul Snippet:

    'Preaching is not the performance of an hour. It is the outflow of a life.' ~ E.M. Bounds

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