• Souvenirs of Solitude ~ Devotion's Harvest

    28 April, 2014

    Soul Snack 79/14 ...

    • Life's treasures are never found by the strivings of the body, only the strivings in the soul.
    • The fruit of the vine is sweet but the manna of heaven is to be highly desired.
    • It is better to sit alone with the Lord than on a throne beside a thousand kings.
    • How may a future of influence be secured and a legacy bequeathed without solitude in the present?
    • The desert walk is to be highly valued for the precious deposits it alone can bank in the soul.
    • The desert walk is a journey not a destination; it is the path to home but is not home.
    • Purity is the yeast of health, and righteousness the harvest of devotion.

    Today's Soul Snippet:

    "Sin is not just breaking God's laws, it is breaking His heart." ~ anon

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