• The Gift of Freedom

    27 November, 2018

    Almost everyone knows of the world's three most important 'R's - readin', 'ritin' and 'rithmetic. 

    As always, the mind of man is puny when set alongside the mind of God.

    There are eight far more important 'R' words that belong to the disciple.

    Jesus offers these to all who would listen:

    1. rule - His rule for me is far superior than my rule of me
    2. reversal - sharing His life changes me for the better
    3. reciprocity - His forgiveness that I too may forgive
    4. revelation - His doors of heaven swung wide for me to gaze in
    5. repair - He builds me up, He does not tear down
    6. refreshment - He leads me beside quite waters, and 
    7. reconciliation - my enemies can become friends.

    Those who lay hold of these 'R's number their days aright, they will eternally live beside He who forever loves them. 

    No longer is their mind held captive by the shallow and hollow, no more will their souls be cuffed in slavery.

    These willing sojourners now invest even their breath for Jesus.

    BUT, first their heart's desires had faded from earth's glitters to grasp eternal treasures.

    They know this to be true - it is this Jesus who rules them who has also released them. 

    So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. (John 8:36)

    Today's Soul Snippet:

    'The destination is worth the difficulty of the journey.' ~ Michael Cartwright

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