• When Belief Wears a Headstone.

    27 February, 2019

    Surely some of the fiercest attacks upon any soul are distrust and false allegation about their word? So too the Bible! The assaults upon Scripture remain ferocious. It is twisted, torn and trashed in the name of man's reason and the support of his sin. When Scripture confronts a man he will…...[read more]

  • Who Rules the Bible?

    26 February, 2019

    Scholars are the tradesmen of the intellect. They are the go-to-lords in their own areas of expertise. The academics are called upon when a man's mind is unsure or misunderstands words, thoughts and themes that lie on the pages before his eyes. There are many Biblical tradesmen. BUT - who is…...[read more]

  • The Bible's Bookmark

    3 January, 2019

    What is now being lost to countless Christians? Could modern Christendom's greatest malaise be not listening to Jesus? (This was certainly an issue God had with Jesus' selected inner core - Peter, John & James, in Luke 9 - more tomorrow.) The Lord pleads: My Christian church listens…...[read more]

  • Charles Spurgeon & Bible Reading

    3 December, 2018

    Those who would love their Lord will dwell with Him, thirsting to forget themselves and know Him more personally. The good Lord does not disappoint. Below is an extract from Charles Spurgeon’s 1867 sermon “A Song at the Well-head”. He guides each disciple to discover the Lord…...[read more]

  • No Bible - No Breakfast#

    2 December, 2018

    I am a Chinese by birth and a Christian by rebirth. I am a Chinese by race, and a Christian by grace. We Chinese are known as a persevering people, but the Spirit of God overshadows even our Oriental persistence. There was a time when I used a copy of the Bible as a postage stamp album, but over…...[read more]

  • A Slice of Heaven

    31 August, 2018

    "If it doesn't taste good, it doesn't go on the menu". ~ Heston Blumenthal I am not a chef, I am a consumer. I do not know how to write a menu, but as a consumer I do appreciate that choice and taste is at the heart of menus. In dwelling upon the Bible you choose the menu…...[read more]

  • Charging Today From Psalm 119

    4 June, 2018

    The eyes of faith will see that the Lord is on their side. Psalm 119, at 176 verses is the longest chapter of the Bible. It can be neglected for this reason alone. No ancient author has claimed this Psalm, yet it is penned from a true heart; one in love with God and His good guidance. He knew full…...[read more]

  • 3 Presidents & 2 Prime Ministers Agree

    17 April, 2018

    In an unusual coalescing across oceans, nations and time's corridors the Bible has united strong minded leaders. There are few peers to the accomplishments of these statesmen. To listen to them is to hear from a sample of mankind's wisest in their days. Abraham Lincoln (16th U.S.…...[read more]

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