• Merciful, Merciful is my Father#

    15 August, 2017

    A shattered man re-scripts life through the mercy of Heaven, confirmed by the approving love of Calvary. The Gospel was much more than words or creeds. It was the goodness of God in action. It was the compassion and mercy of God, who has seen the mess of our lives and has groaned for us over and…...[read more]

  • Bridging Heartache

    10 August, 2017

    William Shakespeare explained: 'Expectation is the root of all heartache.' The Lord acts in human heartache. There is nought in life beyond His ability to touch. His arm is never too short. First, He captures my body. Second, He captures my mind. (He then has my attention!) Then He…...[read more]

  • Rubbing out Regret

    31 July, 2017

    The good Lord would say to any who love Him in both spirit and in truth: Do not permit regret to rule your future, take this stronghold captive and imprison it - for it seeks to rule you and then destroy you. Lay hold of My abounding love and all My surrounding faithfulness to steady you, and fill…...[read more]

  • For the Lame & the Lost

    10 July, 2017

    And the Lord said: I will gather the lame and love the lost. My name will be on their foreheads. Because of My name they will receive honor where they have received dishonor. In My name I will raise up a mighty army of the world's refuse and humiliated. I will show them things they have…...[read more]

  • To the Lost, the Least, the Last & the Lonely...

    9 July, 2017

    God gathers His lambs into His arms and carries them close to His heart. ~ Isaiah 40:11 Praise the Lord and thank Him when you find the poverty of man's approval. Save it in your soul as you would a banknote in your wallet. Fear the chance of favor, flee the day of applause when all men…...[read more]

  • Lend Me Your Hope

    5 July, 2017

    The borrowing of hope is a mind-stretching thought, yet to a soul awash in hopelessness it can be a morsel to a restored future. Hope deferred makes the heart sick... Hope that is lost turns the heart to a wasteland... BUT Hope that is cried for Heaven will share... Lend me your hope for a while,I…...[read more]

  • We Have Been Sold A Pup!

    12 June, 2017

    Eight decades ago Francis Schaeffer argued: The concept that the final reality is energy which has existed forever in some form and takes its present form by chance has totally destructive consequences for life... when one accepts the secular view that final reality is only material or energy…...[read more]

  • The God of the Lonely Night

    30 May, 2017

    Why does night multiply loneliness? Why is night the season of a dark self-examination? Surely too it is the time where troubled souls learn where others weep? This is Gethsemane. Eyes full, backs bent and hearts torn by brokenness are the positions of those sobbing too in their true Gethsemane.…...[read more]

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