• Tapping into Sober Wisdom

    18 March, 2019

    Wise counsel is absent from the halls of pleasures. It is not poured from bar taps or left on bar stools. Pain washes the drunkard as much as injury assaults the brawler. Who has woe? Who has sorrow? Who has strife? Who has complaints? Who has needless bruises? Who has bloodshot eyes?Those…...[read more]

  • Battles Do Test Us#

    14 March, 2019

    Battles will bless you or bleed you. None will see God's greatness in life if they are not first grateful to Him. Whatever went “wrong” was making a way for what is “right” to come into your life. Trust God! Life is so much more freeing when you’re not…...[read more]

  • Sweet Wisdom

    4 March, 2019

    There is a counsel that dies, and a wisdom that lives. The proud find death while the humble will seek out life. The fool lives in the seducing shade of the Tree of Knowledge, while the wise lean against the eternal bough of the Tree of Life. It is only the instruction from the Tree of Life that…...[read more]

  • Letting Words Fall Away

    28 February, 2019

    It can be most difficult to be silent. Words roll off the lips, and the mouth can move far quicker than the mind. Yet, the space for silence is as immense as the universe. But the LORD is in His holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before Him. (Habakkuk 2:20) Silence subdues my soul so I…...[read more]

  • Should The Waves Rise Too High

    19 February, 2019

    Hardship peels a man's resilience back. His response to temptation reveals his soul. As with the impetuous apostle Peter walking on a dark and stormy Galilee, Jesus' right hand remains outstretched. It still extends to those who cry out to Him through their own gales for re-assurance. Be…...[read more]

  • The Apex of Joy

    18 February, 2019

    Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days. (Psalm 90:14) When the good Lord has become my song, He has given His eternal satisfaction to me. To raise my voice in praise to Him, to have His honor upon my lips above all else, will bathe this…...[read more]

  • Living in the Shadow of Jesus' Return - C#

    15 February, 2019

    Many people will be surprised when Jesus' returns, but none will be mistaken. ~ anon Either wittingly or unwittingly each soul lives under the final countdown. As we close this brief series Living in the Shadow of Jesus' Return, two things must be noted: we each need a soft heart to hard…...[read more]

  • Crazed Thinking

    12 February, 2019

    'When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.' ~ C.S. Lewis Two thousand years ago, with a mere six bold words the apostle Peter preached and assessed his world as comfortable with sin. Save yourself from this…...[read more]

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