• Life as a Certifiable Nut

    11 February, 2018

    Kindly many have advised me that I may well be a certifiable nut. Should they be correct, who am I to disagree? A dedicated and certifiable motorcycle loving nut (such as I am) never gives up on their hobby, even if the garage is as bare of bikes as their wallet is empty of cash. I may have sold my…...[read more]

  • The Thirsting of the Soul

    6 February, 2018

    A thirsting soul longs for more. Those who audit their heart in times of difficulty and not just check their head will see a soul gazing upwards to heaven. The thirsts of the soul are God's well lit paths to draw each of us to the safe light of His presence. The cry of a thirsty soul to Heaven:…...[read more]

  • The Seeking of God's Face

    5 February, 2018

    We seek the face of those we wish to know. This is the desiring and delight of another's presence. Hardship is a preferred and time proven choice of the evil one to weaken the resolve of those who belong to Jesus. He invites believers to blame God and then flee Him. Spiritual resilience is…...[read more]

  • Introducing 5 Friends of Spiritual Resilience

    2 February, 2018

    'Take heed lest you fall', the apostle Paul counselled. My eyes well. Far too often I have witnessed countless friends fall from their Christian faith. This need not occur. We are never alone in this lifelong adventure with Jesus as we pass across planet earth. He extends to each of us all…...[read more]

  • 2 Bible Verses OFTEN used in ERROR

    20 November, 2017

    The Bible is present but consulted lightly, and so recalled too loosely. Frequently we remember the portion but not the lot. This memory becomes traded upon, and so memory myths morph into 're-told truths'. For my entire Christian life I have heard these two verses misquoted by Christians…...[read more]

  • A Perfect Spiritual Storm

    1 November, 2017

    Jesus recounts the parable of five maidens who fell asleep on the job. They fueled not their lamps. Five other far smarter young women too dropped into slumber-land, but with lamps full. Their job was simple, wait and be prepared for the master's return. When He reappeared five were ready, five…...[read more]

  • Throw Down Your Nets#

    25 October, 2017

    Did Jesus ever speak light-heartedly when He invited me to follow? Were Jesus' pleas to His disciples' merely theatrical embellishments for the sake of some moment? In which part of 'he who does not give up all he has cannot be my disciple' was Jesus jesting? Don’t let your…...[read more]

  • The Weakness of Adam

    24 October, 2017

    Humans are beggars in various clothes. The most tawdry of all clothing is acquiescence. It bemoans courage, covers sin and flees truth. A jaded or accurate Mark Twain (maybe both) summarily dismissed humankind on countless occasions - one such dismissal was: The human race is a race of cowards;…...[read more]

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