• 5 Righteous Diamonds

    9 October, 2017

    Jesus was just an apprentice at public ministry, yet hectic crowds already gathered around Him. So Jesus withdrew to a mountainside. There His equally new disciples approached. Our good Lord then fed His babes the blessings of pursuing righteousness. (see Matthew 5:1-11) In so doing Jesus sought to…...[read more]

  • The Rule of Righteousness

    8 October, 2017

    Righteousness is as the king's new clothes to this world. It is God's declared and delivered (at the Cross) intent that righteousness should reign. Yet, righteousness is scant, even invisible upon this earth. The rule of righteousness must be first grasped if man is to understand where…...[read more]

  • Christians Are Different

    27 September, 2017

    Please forgive me, I may just be wrong. But, it is my experience that Christians (especially males to my male mind) are keen to be accepted by their peers, and so compromise their behavior and/or their speech. The popular Aussie Christian male's mission phrase I usually hear runs something like…...[read more]

  • Heaven's School of Divinity

    26 September, 2017

    Why would God think like men? God is not given to honor seeking, title printing or human applause. Mans' accolades of man are of far less interest to our Lord, He sees the heart before He calls. Unremarkably so, the school that God trains His harvesters carries a vast contrast to mans'…...[read more]

  • Strong Men Die Hard

    12 September, 2017

    Christ's calls are ultimate. He is no soft-serve vendor. It is not self-safety to pursue Him. The Christ of Calvary requests no more of His followers than He first gave them. As with the Lord, the legacy a man leaves is equivalent to the self-martyrdom he exacts. At your cross, so shall your…...[read more]

  • The Righteous Man

    10 September, 2017

    As with Noah, as with Moses and as with our Lord Jesus, the Father chooses just one righteous man to change His world. He calls no committees. Righteousness is the unseen yeast that will cause this flattened world to rise. Righteousness is the guarantee of unpopularity upon earth. But, also the…...[read more]

  • The Strange Man

    4 September, 2017

    God will give a man the world who seeks none of it. It is such a man who holds no competitor in his heart to God. This man will pray first the desires of Heaven, for God's heart and his have become as one. He sees as God does, hears as God's does and loves as God does - righteousness has…...[read more]

  • Since Eden God Has Not Rested

    8 August, 2017

    On the seventh day God rested. Well - did He really, for how long? This restless Father can no more leave His child in sin than deny Himself. The conviction of sin is an eternal mercy from Heaven. The consciousness of guilt is sign of a Divine restlessness to stir the soul. My Father will not rest…...[read more]

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