• Formed by Christ

    21 October, 2018

    I saw a man now stronger and wise, noteworthy for his distance from his fellow men. He refused to sit in seats with sinners and loved to mock no more. I saw a man now older and grey who had lost his appetite for earth. He had learned to raise his voice to heaven from tunes his soul's thirst…...[read more]

  • 9 Stirs of the Discipleship Pot

    17 October, 2018

    Have you found that 'duty' and 'knowledge' have spilled over from modern Christianity as the active and right fodder of a good disciple? Much ancient discipling has been shelved on dusty library shelves, replaced by the evangelical zeal for correctness, while the virtues of the…...[read more]

  • God Owes Me?

    12 September, 2018

    Scholars estimate there are between 3000 and 8000 Biblical promises. I guess the number is not of great importance, but God's faithfulness is. Is a man ever entitled to any of them? The risks of entitlement are many. We all live in the golden age of rights. We see the heartaches, hear the…...[read more]

  • I Fear The Doctrine Of The Church

    2 September, 2018

    Could the doctrine of the church be as much a competitor for the souls of men as a caress to them? I fear the doctrine of the church. I dismiss the missal. And, I abhor the compromise of ecumenism. For where is the yearning of the devoted soul, if it is not first to sit at the feet of the Almighty…...[read more]

  • Verses for the Hard Yards

    30 August, 2018

    The day is to come (and soon) at Jesus' return when reason will prove faith right, and no longer contradict it. ~ Michael Cartwright Until then faith is the call to STAND STRONG when all reason screams - FLEE! The days multiply upon each Christian of hardship and decision. The New Testament…...[read more]


    12 August, 2018

    Jesus hung out with His Father. So too - Moses, David, Elijah, Jeremiah, and many more, both seen and unseen, who thirsted in their faith. The apostle Paul spent fourteen unexplained and absent years, arguably too in a wilderness (Arabia), hanging out and being prepared by God. These men knew the…...[read more]

  • When The Angels Come

    6 August, 2018

    There is no faithfulness until there is first hardship. Faithfulness is the compass needle that points to obedience and away from flight - during the terrors of life. Only in faithfulness is Jesus' return waited upon. It is at the end of the age that: the angels will weed out of God's…...[read more]


    25 July, 2018

    'WAKE ME UP WHEN I'M FAMOUS' is surely emblazoned upon any banner of self-entitlement. The spirit of entitlement indiscriminately spreads its self-worship amongst those who don't bend the knee to Jesus, and those who do. God has become our amenity. I wonder if this spirit is…...[read more]

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