• A Soul Scaffold from the Desert ~ Depressed?

    16 November, 2017

    Abba Euprepius (a fourth century A.D. desert monk) taught: knowing that God is mighty and faithful, have faith in Him and you shall share what is His. No person of faith turns to God in pain and loses out. No person of faith rolls tears down their cheeks that God won't count. No person of…...[read more]

  • Sheer Lunacy

    3 October, 2017

    The minds of men vainly attempt to sabotage the words of God. The truth remains, God's word is not subject to mankind's mind, either individually or collectively. No man can hold the Lord to account. The persistent deceit is that human reason is well-equipped to reduce Divine revelation.…...[read more]

  • To Play or to Fight?

    25 September, 2017

    I want to play, but I can't... I can feel this but I can't see it... There are times I am sure when my Lord slides His hand behind my shield and slips mine out of the way. He grasps the shield's grip and holds it secure for me. He understands my times of weakness far better than I do.…...[read more]

  • The Noise of the Battle#

    19 September, 2017

    With a multiplying frequency Christians are assailed. The spirit of the antichrist gains momentum. Recently I learned of a Jewish Priest, a Muslim Iman and a Christian Pastor being interviewed on TV. In an uncommon unison each faith leader completely disagreed with mounting pressures for same-sex…...[read more]

  • Real Heroes Don't Wear Capes

    13 August, 2017

    Spiritual heroes, who truly knows of them? Surely the greatest men of faith to this day choose to remain unknown? You too can become a spiritual hero. (But - first aim for anonymity). The two best choices for an heroic faith are: 1) Feed it. The first spoonful to feed your faith each day is…...[read more]

  • Feeling Safe

    9 August, 2017

    Maybe you have marched through your rhythms of life behind the Lord's shield a long time? Has the Lord held your shield of faith, pulled you safely into its protection? Behind the shield of faith is worn the breastplate of righteousness. It is faith that both leads to and then protects…...[read more]

  • The Unmarked Trail

    26 July, 2017

    Jesus has imprisoned my attention, my faith He has relentlessly stirred. Jesus has turned my misadventures into benefit, my losses into gain. Jesus has jettisoned the contraband of my soul, and pointed me down the pleasing paths of life. I have found spacious places to dwell. He brought me out into…...[read more]

  • 2 Heroes & 10 Zeroes

    3 July, 2017

    Circa 1500 B.C. the Israelites fled Egypt for the Promised Land, Canaan. The sons of Abraham were free, but their thoughts were not. Caleb and Joshua were the only two of twelve spies to return from the land of giants - Canaan, with a good report. Caleb held a disruptive faith-filled spirit. So,…...[read more]

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