• 6 Facts Adam & Eve Did Not Know

    10 October, 2016

    Temptation is a phantom wafting in out and out of the mind, floating on the whims of the heart. Since Eden - when comfort is absent temptation becomes present, for the opportunist satan still abhors a vacuum. Six temptation facts Adam and Eve did not know in Eden. It is always far easier to be wise…...[read more]

  • Temptation Rides a Train

    7 October, 2016

    Imagine sitting on a weather-beaten, paint-chipped and cracked wooden railway seat. It has been weathered since before your birth. A silver aged locomotive grinds and slides to a raucous halt. You are undecided to hop on, you don't recognise this train. Surprisingly an attractive and engaging…...[read more]

  • The Auction of the Soul

    29 September, 2016

    The search for comfort is a pillow partner to sin. A childhood of pain is the well-proven path for an adulthood of deeper hurt. Sin promises to mask pain, remove its detriments. But sin lies. Sin bids today's brief pleasure against tomorrow's lasting well-being. As in Eden it still…...[read more]

  • God Made Man Upright

    27 September, 2016

    The Lord created the universe from His righteousness and for His righteousness. Righteousness is the foundation of His throne, His measuring line of behavior. (See Psalm 89:14, Isaiah 28:17) Man has departed God to the poverty of his own judgements, and cracked his own paths. Since Eden man has…...[read more]

  • The Closet of My Heart

    8 September, 2016

    There are secret closets and closets of secrets. Righteousness is God's unhidden call - it is no secret. Righteousness is Christ's mantle now upon my shoulders to warm and protect me. But at times it can be heavy to bear. Righteousness cannot be diluted or weakened. It shares no…...[read more]

  • Confessions of a Struggling Soul...#

    1 August, 2016

    Yes, I know my motives are all wrong. Deep down, everything is for self. I say I love God and people, but do I really love them? Really? The depths of my heart still drown in my love of me. Someone once accused me: ”You don’t love Jesus, you only love yourself.” And so I…...[read more]

  • 3 Hints to Live Well while Evil Spills

    14 July, 2016

    Life is a battleground. It is not a playground. Wickedness is spilled with an increasing measure that mankind can no longer discern. He grows in his eagerness to suppress the truth. (See Romans 1:18-20) So choose carefully that your life may be lived well in the land the Lord your God gives you:…...[read more]

  • A Haitian Parable

    29 February, 2016

    Dead dogs, rusty nails and poor housing deals are all unlikely companions. From the impoverished Caribbean island known as much for its beauty as shamanism and evil ritual, arrives a tale of unusual spiritual foresight. An old parable told by a Haitian pastor: A certain man wanted to sell his…...[read more]

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