• The Spirit & the Scalpel

    25 October, 2011

    Soul Snack 167/12 ... The Spirit & the Scalpel It is upon the knees that the Holy Spirit of Christ conducts His soul surgery. There is no white sheet-laden bench surrounded by a gathered team of professionals for this operation. There are no bright lights, nor humming vital-signs monitors.…...[read more]

  • Ponds of Love

    18 May, 2011

    Soul Snack 7/13 ... Ponds of Love God is the master landscape gardener. Across His garden of heaven are scattered countless glistening ponds. They are the composition of His garden, around which God has planted His foliage. Into one pond God has abandoned my: gracelesseness, faithlessness,…...[read more]

  • Deep Sea Fishing

    30 March, 2011

    Soul Snack 44/11 ... Deep Sea Fishing Denizens of the deep describe an unseen sea life, rich in both obscurity and fascination. To my mind these creatures of darkness appear grotesque and certainly fearsome. They live with a purpose I fail to comprehend and in a place I shall never go. These…...[read more]

  • Cracking Windows

    6 March, 2011

    Soul Snack 142/12 ... Cracking Windows# Time-honored, people-controlling Jewish ritual was about to be lost. The faithful were assembled in a humble home as ancient Jewish prophecy was about to be fulfilled (see Joel 2:22). Jesus had ascended but His Spirit was now descending. The patriarchs'…...[read more]

  • The Human Fabric

    12 November, 2008

    Soul Snack 8/196 ... The Human Fabric In 1968 Tiny Tim 'Tip Toed through the Tulips' in falsetto. His voice was as high as his hands were clean. An insatiable desire for handwashing was a morbid ritual he would repeat countless times a day. Cleansing is part of each human's very…...[read more]

  • Spring Rain

    30 July, 2008

    Soul Snack 84/12 ... Spring Rain Dormant, yet healthy abilities lie unrealised in each one of us. They need watering and then nurturing. They need raising and then releasing, but circumstances conspire so people wither inside. A dehydrated spirit or an unfed/miss-fed soul will deliver a weakened…...[read more]

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