• The Unforgiving

    18 June, 2018

    We dwell in an unforgiving world. Enmity breeds enmity. All accounts are to be paid. 1991 saw Clint Eastwood produce, direct and star in his last western - Unforgiven. To my sensibilities - a brutal movie displaying savagery that may well represent the old wild west. Clint Eastwood and Gene…...[read more]

  • How to Forgive Permanently

    17 June, 2018

    There is always that battle within to forgive. You try to forgive, but the hurt raises its ugly head again. The battle then is multiplied with vengeance, bitterness and a whole host of poor emotions knocking on your door. Jesus fought this battle first - and won. Here's how! Nails in His hands,…...[read more]

  • The Shelter of Humility

    4 February, 2018

    John the Baptist died humbly as a martyr, that Jesus might increase and he might decrease. (John 3:30) To all those who would first live with their Lord, and long for Him... To all those who would sow kingdom seeds, and bear fruit for the Lord... To all those who bend their knee and not turn…...[read more]

  • The Beauty of Grace

    28 December, 2017

    Am I correct? ... The people most likely to turn up enthusiastically to a school reunion are those who have 'made good' in life. Could I be correct again? ... Unwittingly these are often the very ones who make it hard for those who feel they haven't made good - to want to come. this is…...[read more]

  • Wisdom from an Unmeasured Patience

    26 November, 2017

    ​Countless seasons have waxed and waned with a necessary reliability, equal to my skill at learning slowly. From an unmeasured Divine patience I now shelter under these axioms: What the broken person flees to for refuge will become their grave, unless they flee to the Lord. Refuse to…...[read more]

  • Hit by Grace!

    19 November, 2017

    A tattered urchin grins through broken teeth to a well-dressed gent. Grubby hands wishfully hold an outstretched hat. Almost unintelligible words add color to this scene. Street meets sophistication, and poverty greets prosperity. A surprising generosity quickly floods the gent's comfortable…...[read more]

  • A Parable of an Old Man#

    11 November, 2017

    An old man was sitting in his 'cell' (a hut or a cave where the desert monks lived) and a voice came to him which invited: come and I will show you the works of men. He rose up and followed. The voice led him to a certain place and showed him an Ethiopian cutting wood and making a great…...[read more]

  • Learning He Was Wrong

    6 November, 2017

    I saw a man who wore that shining necklace of pride. (See Psalm 73:6) Then I saw the same man both weak and knowledgeable. He sought humility and found God. It was from deep despair that his necklace fell. Painfully this now sober soul had learned that a humble heart is far better than a strong…...[read more]

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