• God's Intent for the Nations

    17 October, 2017

    It hasn't happened yet... God intends for righteousness and praise to rise before every nation. The nations have chosen the ways of wickedness, they slander Heaven. This world rushes further down improper paths that flood in deluge upon deluge of wickedness. When foolish men in their pride…...[read more]

  • Life's Most Necessary Measure

    2 August, 2017

    The true way of the disciple is humility. They bow their back before they raise their hands. A disciple must be humbled before they can be cleansed. Humility is the seat of conversion. It is where the old self dies and the new self is born. Nine truthful notes to life's most necessary measure:…...[read more]

  • 3 Rocks from the Son

    1 August, 2017

    Rocks are formidable. Even small ones fell giants. Many times rocks are described with god-like qualities. Immovable, unchallengeable and unchangeable. Firm, strong, steadfast and resilient. They cannot be acted upon or acted against. Rocks withstand assaults as much as they promise protection to…...[read more]

  • The Beautiful Valley of the Soul

    25 June, 2017

    Is not the search for a superior love the compass to life? After all, mankind is first made in the image of He whose fabric is love. It is the quest for a love that requires no re-visiting, or repair. It is the seeking of a love without pretense, or any demanding efforts. True love is never…...[read more]

  • The One Thing Needed to Leave Earth Safely

    13 June, 2017

    Grace is the Divine space module built with Jesus' torn hands to take humans home. There is no charge and seating is already reserved for free. Four reflections to further equip your travel home: Grace will always be a banana peel for the orthodox foot and a fairy-tale to grown-up…...[read more]

  • A Grandma's Justice - New York Style#

    23 March, 2017

    In the winter of 1935, the United States reeled from the throes of the Great Depression. Fiorello La Guardia presided as New York's mayor during those dark days. He was completely unpredictable, a man full of surprises. On a most miserable evening he attended a night court within one of New…...[read more]

  • How to Lose Bankruptcy

    6 March, 2017

    It is better to lose a lover than love a loser. ~ anon Dominique Voillaume lived, died and proved the opposite of the above bankrupt suburban myth. At 54 he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. This gentle sage who led a small band of youthful monks was no seeker of honor or personal…...[read more]

  • Who's 'DA BOSS'?

    2 March, 2017

    Just three days ago 'DA BOSS' inched lazily past me in his white muscle car. 'DA BOSS' license plates were his megaphone. He was cruising, just wanting to be seen. His license plates announced his self-perception. Jesus' cruise to honor was far different, in fact like no…...[read more]

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