• Defeating Evil When Good Is Losing

    7 September, 2014

    Soul Snack 171/14 ...Two recent vengeful beheadings were shamelessly and proudly broadcast; satan is not backward in coming forward. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning... (John 8:44a) The Islamic State…...[read more]

  • Counter-attack Satan

    23 July, 2014

    Soul Snack 139/14 ... Satan constructs life as a tennis match. Satan bashes me so that I will return the serve. In warfare with satan, all the power rests in refusing the counter-attack. Satan's game-plan is played out across the world every minute of every day. His highest interest is in the…...[read more]

  • Game Over

    15 January, 2014

    Soul Snack 11/14... Heaven has been a host to enemies, indeed the dwelling place of evil. God had enemies, and for an unspecified duration they consumed heaven in war. Enemies are destructive. God still has enemies, but He will not allow any further destruction in heaven. We too have had, and…...[read more]

  • Indonesian vs God's Justice

    11 November, 2013

    Soul Snack 216/13 ... Indonesian Vs God's Justice# An Indonesian judge by the name of Marzuki was sitting in judgment over an old lady who pleaded guilty of stealing tapioca from a plantation. In her defense she pleaded that she stole because she was poor, her son was sick and her…...[read more]

  • Smokin' Justice

    22 November, 2011

    Soul Snack 227/13 ... Smokin' Justice Jesus' promise to the lost, the least, the last and the lonely... Jesus' pledge to the despairing, the desperate, the debilitated and the downtrodden... Jesus' pact with the rejected, the refused, the rebuffed and the renounced is... A…...[read more]

  • The Betrayed.

    10 February, 2010

    Soul Snack 9/10 ... The Betrayed The dry South African dust descended randomly over this violent group of school bullies. The elder brother turned his head and attended to his books. The hunchback younger brother was emotionally tortured and physically exposed by this group of peers intent on his…...[read more]

  • Silent Justice

    17 December, 2008

    Soul Snack 8/221 ... Silent Justice Certainly sitting on the soul of each earthly inhabitant is the unobserved, quietly hurting (maybe even burning) desire for justice to be delivered. All thirst for wrongs to be righted, apologies received and correctness to premiere in their lives. This is in all…...[read more]

  • Better Forever

    5 November, 2008

    Soul Snack 8/191 ... Better Forever. Ever been reviled for righteousness? Ever been rebuked for right living? Ever failed to steer a meeting to the paths of the Lord? Ever spoke well but received ill? Ever had a great intention received as a poor intention? Ever reached out the hand of grace and…...[read more]

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