• Reclaiming the Rainbow!

    1 July, 2015

    Since the monumental SCOTUS decision to permit same-sex marriage the western world has become awash with misaligned rainbow flags. Rainbows have long held (correctly) the symbol of hope for difficult causes. This symbol was first written by the Lord across the skies in His restoration of a…...[read more]

  • Burning the Christians!

    30 June, 2015

    "At some point the unthinkable becomes the inevitable." - Matt O'Brien The world is burning, the wildfire of evil appears unstoppable and Christians are now 'at the stake'. To mix the metaphors - satan is twisting his already tightened world grip towards full throttle. The…...[read more]

  • `MIND GAMES ~ A Birthday Week Preview

    13 June, 2015

    James Morrison's trumpet warms my ears with 'To God Be the Glory' as I plan, prepare and pray over the upcoming week's SoulSnacks. My heart sings as the CD circles. It also happens to be the week of SoulSupply's tenth birthday. The world is a vastly different place from the…...[read more]

  • Staying the Course

    8 June, 2015

    Victory is not to the strong of muscle but to the strong of mind. Three verses to steer your days to Heaven: Fix your thoughts upon Jesus, the apostle and high priest whom we confess. (Hebrews 3:1) Christ is faithful as a son over God's house. And we are His house, if we hold onto our courage…...[read more]

  • Beating Betrayal

    3 June, 2015

    Joseph was an innocent dreamer and his brothers guilty haters. In a moment sealed by hatred they conspired to kill the innocent. (Read the full story here - Genesis 37 & 39-41 ) Joseph was cast into a well, betrayed and sold into Egyptian slavery. He who is innocent and been betrayed by his…...[read more]

  • Are You Ungifted?

    2 June, 2015

    Ok you are not a Conan O'Brien; this thought causes you little distress or maybe the opposite? But in reality you DO know that you don't share your brother's and sister's high stations, abilities that impress or their welcome from those in high office. Doors don't open and the…...[read more]

  • Diving into Peace

    1 June, 2015

    The indwelling of righteousness is sweet to the soul. The indwelling of rights is destructive. The maintenance of personal rights is fuel for the warrior soul, as the gaze is fixed within, with little consideration of benefits to another. A soul engaged in conflict is a soul ill at ease. Imagine…...[read more]

  • A Word of Explanation

    26 May, 2015

    SoulSnacks over the next three days are the products of an ongoing discussion with a subscriber. These Snacks are very largely their thoughts that SoulSupply considered of some real spiritual merit to share. Each Snack touches upon guilt and grace and shame in some manner. They are: Of Guilt 101…...[read more]

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