• When Others' Raise their Swords to You!

    24 November, 2014

    Soul Snack 225/14 ... There is a slavery to the spirit, soul and then the body (as it follows suit), when handcuffed by another's opinion. An audience of one does not marry with people-pleasing or the fear of others. This is liberating. At those 'T' intersections of choice, turn…...[read more]

  • 6 Life-Robbing Regrets

    12 October, 2014

    Regrets - I've had a few, crooned Frank Sinatra in his 1969 hit tune "I Did It My Way". No soul has kicked over life's traces or shuffled through earth's dust without a searing regret or two. Haunting too many decades now are painful recollections. These memories fail to…...[read more]

  • Living Without Answers#

    7 July, 2014

    Soul Snack 127/14 ... Why do some of our prayers get the answer we desire and others seem to bounce off the ceiling? Why do some of our seemingly good and godly plans come to fruition while others are frustrated? Why do some come to Jesus while others stubbornly reject him? Why do some for whom we…...[read more]

  • The Enemy of Love

    3 July, 2014

    Soul Snack 125/14 ... With a now memorable disappointment, I read last century an aging journalist's singular top tip for life. He was about 64 when he penned his piece. He had been married three times. Below is his life-learned wisdom, a tip worthy of forgetting to this pretending youthful…...[read more]

  • Suffering's Chalice ~ G ... Postcript

    23 June, 2014

    Soul Snack 117/14 ... Concealed in a pre-dawn human history, before a time any man could number, Job almost drowned in the chalice of suffering. A dramatic transaction had unfolded within the heavens that ripped Job's life to shreds. (See Job 1 & 2) In a subsequent, almost fruitless…...[read more]

  • Suffering's Chalice ~ F ... Price Tags

    20 June, 2014

    Soul Snack 116/14 ... We lift the chalice of suffering, bend over it and peer in, hoping to see shimmering contents that reflect a once hidden understanding. What value can ease the pain? A desperately distressing echo bounces about my soul when I hear suffering explained in terms that justify it…...[read more]

  • Suffering's Chalice ~ E ... Altruism

    19 June, 2014

    Soul Snack 115/14 ... Have you repeatedly sung the song, hummed the tune or wailed within - it's not fair? Have you bellowed from mountain-tops while sinking in valleys - how long? The unseen, the unspoken and the ungrasped nature of suffering stains the soul with injustice, it feeds the…...[read more]

  • Suffering's Chalice ~ D ... Reciprocity

    18 June, 2014

    Soul Snack 114/14 ... Boomerangs are an iconic hunting weapon of the Australian aborigine, crafted from wood. These are flat and hurled in an arch, spinning as they travel through the air. Boomerangs are so cleverly carved and thrown, that they return to the thrower. All of us have lived with…...[read more]

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