• Babylonian Faith ~ B ... Living in Babylon

    22 November, 2013

    Introduction (This SoulSense is sequential to Babylonian Faith ~ A) The Bible is a divine transcript for the disciple's sojourn through Babylon to Jerusalem. The journey of a Christian's life is the journey across earth to Jerusalem, but Babylon wants the disciple to get lost. It posts…...[read more]

  • Babylonian Faith ~ A ... Foot Soldiers for Babylon

    13 September, 2013

    Introduction 'Babylon' springs (lurches?) into Biblical pre-history in Genesis 10. The post-flood world is settling and God is yet again ignored, disobeyed and forgotten. The team of mankind conspire to reach heaven in their might, independent of God they raise a tower to heaven. Babylon is…...[read more]

  • Babylonian Faith ~ C ... The Future

    14 February, 2014

    Introduction We ALL live in Babylon. It is worldwide. It promises peace. Our faith and our future is both formed and informed by a creation united against, and wilfully independent of its Creator. Babylon's unhealthy influence permeates our souls, and soaks all our actions. As Christians we…...[read more]