• When Yesterday No Longer Whispers

    10 March, 2020

    Sadness is never to be at the end of a man's sunset. It is not as our good Lord intended. His purpose is that all men should choose for His grace and thank Him for His mercy. It is then they enjoy His righteous forgiveness and the doors of Paradise part. Death is as final as it is a new…...[read more]

  • Making Sense of Living

    7 July, 2011

    Making Sense of Living Introduction Approaching his own death, ex-Beatle George Harrison reckoned with an unusual sage-like quality ... all things in life can wait, but the search for God cannot. There is a finality and hopelessness to all lives that must be dealt with. There is a passing from…...[read more]

  • Making Sense of Life's Scaffolds

    27 May, 2011

    Making Sense of Life's Scaffolds Defining Scaffold: Scaffolding is literally that which holds me up. It keeps me vertical when all of life conspires to make me horizontal. It prevents me from finding the cave, climbing to the mountaintop or crossing the raging rivers. Scaffolding is my…...[read more]

  • Making Sense of the Least

    6 October, 2010

    Making Sense of the Least A frail emaciated frame reclining—in fact ensconced almost permanently in a bean-bag chair is a living witness to the utter helplessness which can impact the human condition. I can recall children (having worked with them) whose loudest tangible brightness to life…...[read more]

  • Making Sense of Seasons

    10 February, 2010

    Making Sense of SEASONS … ECCL 3:1-15 Introduction "Seasons are Heaven's brackets to seize Earth's time." When God changes seasons it can be both energising and enlivening. They deliver 'the fresh new' and replace the 'old familiar'. They are another…...[read more]