• 2 Reasons Why Suffering Persists

    5 December, 2018

    God is neither blind or deaf. He does not slumber or become mighty busy. The good Lord hears the cry of the troubled hearts, as much as He bottles the tears. But His responses can appear tardy, so He is accused of deafness or disinterest. Consider these two short reasons why suffering continues;…...[read more]

  • The 8 Steps to Prosperity & Health

    26 November, 2018

    There are two paths leading to prosperity - one from man, the other from God. Mankind's path makes prosperity his god, God's path is righteous. Both paths can reach the same goal, but only one path won't eternally injure the soul. (This conflict of paths is equally well explained as the…...[read more]

  • Ruined Religion

    26 October, 2018

    Religion can be the enemy of God. ~ Bono Jesus was well accustomed to conflict. His eyes could see the glaringly obvious that men in their pride were blind too. Worship is in vain when it is constructed upon the things of me, the head is present but the heart is far away. (See Mark 7:1-8) Mankind…...[read more]

  • Grave Control#

    11 October, 2018

    These thoughts come from the green side of the grass, and are now poignant reflections of a Godly man who had gained that heart of wisdom: When all is said and done we humans are really children in a world plagued by sickness, loneliness and death. Control of life is as elusive as a lottery win.…...[read more]

  • When Relationships Burn

    24 September, 2018

    Don't try to fix me, I am not broken. ~ anon. Accusation and argument awakens the proud heart, but steals another's joy. These are thieves to love, crushers of spirits and damp blankets to smother harmony. Persistent argument establishes its own rule of division. Love cannot increase. The…...[read more]

  • Hijacking Harmony

    23 September, 2018

    Division isn't just a maths problem. It's also humanities! ~ Anthony T. Hincks Consider God's intervention at the Tower of Babel. (See Genesis 11:1-9) He divided mankind with different tongues, such that they could not agree, or understand each other. Where there is division a work…...[read more]

  • The Empty Man

    19 September, 2018

    The longings of the righteous will be satisfied. The anxious heart weighs a man down. Heartache crushes the spirit. A crushed spirit who can bear? A crushed spirit dries up the bones. BUT... The Lord saves those crushed in spirit, and a bruised reed He does not break. To those crushed in spirit…...[read more]

  • Not On God's Radar

    30 July, 2018

    Performance reviews are now de rigeur in industry, and most professional occupations. It is a fashionable but tiresome measure of a person's value taught by the Tree of Knowledge. Harm, help or rewards are its discernible fruits. Of course, my value to my Lord is contrary. My value to my Lord…...[read more]

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