• Surging in Prayer BUT Losing in Answers?

    21 June, 2017

    With a faithfulness only rivalled by a puppy you have set forth your propositions before God, but they have faltered or been unheard. If one-tenth of one per cent of the prayers made in any American city on any Sabbath day were answered, the world would see its greatest revival come with the…...[read more]

  • When Heaven Stays too Silent

    20 June, 2017

    Do you feel your prayers miss Heaven, or that Heaven's ears are deaf? This is most common. It is the problem of persuading God. Maybe the thought pops up - 'Heaven is avoiding me'? Maybe you too imagine these scenes out of sight and in the skies: First there was your prayer that…...[read more]

  • The Battlefields of Unanswered Prayer

    19 June, 2017

    The great tragedy of life is not unanswered prayer, but unoffered prayer. ~ F.B. Meyer An anonymous and self-effacing prayerful insight was penned by a Confederate soldier the best part of two centuries ago: I asked God for strength that I might achieve, but I was made weak that I might learn…...[read more]

  • The Joy of Prayer

    15 June, 2017

    I long to explore the soulful maps, to plunge the guidance of Heaven unwrapped. I seek to peer past the pearly gates, to see the seat of my loving Mate. I yearn to pray into depths unknown, reserved for the humble grown. The joy of faith I delight to share, His breadth of love is…...[read more]

  • With Every Prayer...#

    14 June, 2017

    Prayer carries every burden to the Lord, and leaves it there. Prayer goes to the Lord with every: need — to have it supplied, enemy — to have it conquered, corruption — to have it subdued, trouble — to have it sanctified, promise — to have it fulfilled, thirst…...[read more]

  • The God of the Lonely Night

    30 May, 2017

    Why does night multiply loneliness? Why is night the season of a dark self-examination? Surely too it is the time where troubled souls learn where others weep? This is Gethsemane. Eyes full, backs bent and hearts torn by brokenness are the positions of those sobbing too in their true Gethsemane.…...[read more]

  • The Only Thing I Ask

    18 May, 2017

    The Psalms still carry King David's living breath into each person who would pause with them. A prayer from David's confident soul for yours too: One thing I ask from You Lord, this only do I seek:that I may dwell in Your house Lord all the days of my life,to gaze upon Your beauty…...[read more]

  • Jump Life's Hurdles & Not Leave The Ground.

    8 May, 2017

    All prayer is molded by the shape of the heart, and promoted by the depth of the faith. He who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, is far more able to give than I am to ask. He whose thoughts are higher than all mankind's, desires to bless me more than I could ever covet. He whose abilities…...[read more]

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