• Prayer Is...

    22 April, 2018

    Prayer is: the seed of gentleness the spirit of trust the seeking of peace the absence of anger a remedy against grief a salve to depression the unbinding of shackles and freedom to the heart. 'Whatever you have endured out of love of wisdom will bear fruit at the time of prayer'. ~…...[read more]

  • St Ignatius Prays Trust

    11 April, 2018

    Saint Ignatius of Loyola formed the religious society commonly called The Jesuits (The Society of Jesus). Loyola became honored especially as a spiritual director, having penned a classic of spiritual literature, the Spiritual Exercises. Loyola was a teacher who walked his talk, including…...[read more]

  • It's A Long Journey Home

    18 March, 2018

    The strong and weak alike know that life's long journey requires the best food. Two Christian giants from yesterday also knew this. This is why they are 'masters of faith'. They dined well each day. 1) Author of 'The Pilgrim's Progress', John Bunyan (1628 - 1688) spoke in…...[read more]

  • A Prayer from Ravensbruck

    28 February, 2018

    Nazi Ravensbruck has firmed in history as a measure of human atrocity, almost without equal. Ravensbruck was a concentration camp exclusively for women and children during World War Two. It was located 90 kilometers north of Berlin. From May 1939 this hell-hole became the grave to 50,000+ (this…...[read more]

  • Sharpen the Axe#

    27 December, 2017

    Abraham Lincoln, one of the most important presidents in U.S. history and also a skilled woodcutter once said: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." In other words, preparation is crucial for the success of the task. Prayer works on…...[read more]

  • The Clarity of God

    4 December, 2017

    God has not changed. He can't. Eons before even a cough bounced off an eardrum God spoke into silence and created this world; to this very day He is still heard in silence. Silence removes the clamor of the world and that attention demanding noise. iPods, iPads, iPhones - 'iKnow'…...[read more]

  • The Making of the Soul

    2 December, 2017

    What craziness has caught us, what malaise has fallen upon us, that our individual prayer as much as our praying together could fall for such a bold deception: that our words are more important than our silence? Silence has become a fearful thing ... silence is like a gaping abyss which may just…...[read more]

  • Prayer's Hardest Challenge

    22 November, 2017

    Is not the greatest witness against prayer a continued and persistent heavenly silence? Charles Spurgeon understood full well those times when God tarries at our pleas for mercy: In the days of flint, steel and brimstone matches we had to strike and strike again, dozens of times, before we could…...[read more]

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