• Easter's Transparent Father

    26 March, 2018

    Jesus' Father could do more contain His love to man, than Jesus could contain His devotion to His Father. It is only the blind and wilful pride of man that prevents him seeing this. As with Hezekiah's proud heart (King of Judah circa 715-686 B.C), the proud heart is the heart that does not…...[read more]

  • Above the Tags, Bags & Rags

    10 December, 2017

    Christmas purchases account for 1/6th of all annual retail sales in the U.S. Masses of devotees are dedicated to addictive shopping. It is largely devoid of any teamwork. There is a lingering aftertaste to the 'recreation' of shopping. It is conducted at a mixed cost, maybe even an…...[read more]

  • The Pedestal of Love

    30 August, 2017

    Foundations are most important. They are equally as important in life as in death. Once a king dreamt of an enormous, dazzling human statue with a head of gold, chest of silver, thighs of bronze and legs of iron, only to see its feet were of part iron and half-baked clay. (See Daniel 2:31-35). This…...[read more]

  • Unshaken Love

    20 August, 2017

    The ancient Greeks and Romans (among too many other 'societies') practised the chilling, abominable habit of exposing 'unacceptable' new-borns. The disapproved child was abandoned to a hillside until exposure, hunger, thirst or animal attack would claim their innocent life. To be…...[read more]

  • The Beautiful Valley of the Soul

    25 June, 2017

    Is not the search for a superior love the compass to life? After all, mankind is first made in the image of He whose fabric is love. It is the quest for a love that requires no re-visiting, or repair. It is the seeking of a love without pretense, or any demanding efforts. True love is never…...[read more]

  • Done With Church?

    24 May, 2017

    Are you done with church but not with Jesus? Has church become less than civilised for your spirit as well as your soul? Does the shepherd scatter the flock; do the sheep jostle each other? Do your spiritual horizons still gaze to the everlasting Son, but no longer from a pew? Too many have been…...[read more]

  • That Penny of Love

    7 May, 2017

    The Lord knows all our needs whether we advise Him or not. He has known them forever. Without question the greatest gift of all time is God's love. It is a penny dropped into a life's pond. His love ripples peacefully through the waters, changing the pond's face. The ongoing concentric…...[read more]

  • Of Love & Other Impulses

    14 February, 2017

    Love covers all things. When love is not present or only light upon its feet, all things are NOT covered. A body, mind and spirit raised in love and soaked in nurture knows the health of Heaven - the fabric that is love. Deficits to humankind arise when love has not washed an infant and care has…...[read more]

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