• Keep Your Eye On The Date

    3 January, 2017

    New Year is filled with hope and plans. Diligently we endeavour to place the laments of yesterday behind us (even if we still carry some of their pain), and lay hold of all the fresh hopes every New Year brings. Each eagerly longs that their hungers may be further met in the upcoming New Year. We…...[read more]

  • Pondering Christmas#

    12 December, 2016

    That night the Lord was born every spiritual and earthly realm was shaken. Heaven broke into our shackles of time and space. ~ Beth Taylor Ponder the significance that the child Mary just delivered would soon deliver her... Ponder the salvation story that echoed on the midnight hills with…...[read more]

  • 3 'TUFF' Halloween Facts

    30 October, 2016

    Where is the sage, who is the oracle to these times? Who can discern darkness within light? Where is the wise watchman who speaks up? All that glitters is not gold - equally, not all that is popular is worth celebration. Did you know these 3 tough facts about Halloween? Originally Halloween was…...[read more]

  • Halloween vs Christmas?

    28 October, 2016

    We Christians are like the frog in lukewarm water, not noticing that the temperature is rising.# Why is there little Christian public outcry against Halloween? Even Christians mimic ghouls and ape horror! Halloween is characterised by darkness, fear, death and complete public affirmation. All…...[read more]

  • When is Evil Safe?

    26 October, 2016

    A Halloween game turns frightfully sour... Three sets of anxious and transfixed teenage eyes gaze past mom's and dad's stunned faces to an upturned glass that glides across the dinner table. An arresting silence binds this Christian family in its spell. Rigid bodies mirror the terror of…...[read more]

  • Halloween Unzipped

    25 October, 2016

    Would you give your son a snake when he asked for fish? Would you give your daughter a scorpion if she requested an egg? Why then would Christians honor the serpent of Eden (the dragon of Revelation) by sharing in his Halloween celebrations and permit our children to be caught up by its binding and…...[read more]

  • 8 Ways To Make 2016 Count

    30 December, 2015

    Desires drive the man above their reason. He who can harness their emotions will never be driven into their traps. Settle the heart of 2015 today. Refuse yesterday's frets and tomorrow's fears, as this cements in life a hitching post to tether the New Year. Below are listed eight strong…...[read more]

  • Test God in 2016

    28 December, 2015

    And the Lord spoke to me: To those distracted or disabled, the fearful or the faithful I have this to say to you - no year, no breath, no relationship, no work is purposed for your distress but to lead you to Me. View this New year as the season for new gains and not the repetition of past pains.…...[read more]

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