• When The Good Things No Longer End

    21 May, 2018

    Countless fine lives have bequeathed far more than a decaying, crusty headstone. There is good reason for this. What is left after a life (for the future generations) can become of even more value than what was achieved during a life. Life is accurately measured in legacies - those favors or…...[read more]

  • A Flash of Stolen Genius

    14 January, 2018

    New years are captured by the will to re-build, that heart to improve. It is too tiring, year in - year out; stumbling upon the same old stones, skinning the knees in the same old falls, and shinning the calves on those ever unseen logs. In a flash of some stolen genius I reasoned: I do not wish…...[read more]

  • 3 RIGHT IDEAS for 2018

    7 January, 2018

    1) Righteousness is a man's only shield against judgement. 2) Am I not as deaf to the pleas of righteousness as I am blind to the sight of my sin? 3) From His tragic loved-filled forgiveness Jesus has opened for me the Gates of Righteousness, thus daily I shall enter in and give thanks. Open…...[read more]

  • A New Year Celtic Prayer

    31 December, 2017

    As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people both now and for evermore. (Psalm 125:2) Today's Soul Snippet: 'Those who are instruments of peace God adopts, and welcomes as owners of heaven'. Did you find this SoulSnack helpful? Would you like to subscribe or…...[read more]

  • New Year Soul Supply Changes

    29 December, 2017

    Firstly, a BIG THANK YOU to the many SoulSupply subscribers who offer feedback and thanks. One recent message from this week: Thank you so much for all the lovely “Soul Supply” messages we continually receive. They are greatly appreciated and valued. Please just 'hit' reply…...[read more]

  • Breaking Christmas Shackles

    12 December, 2017

    Is there a fearsome gun-toting believer who will free the baby Jesus to face His world? Jesus needs to be liberated from the manger and lifted from the hay. Jesus is not simply a babe in a virgin's arms, a curiosity to shepherds or an adventure for wise men; He is the regent of heaven. This…...[read more]

  • Birthdays & Witches ~ A true story of innocence lost#

    31 October, 2017

    Halloween (October 31) is my birthday. A few years ago my bro, Geoff, rang on November 1 to say Happy Birthday. He remembered it when he saw the witches on TV. At first one could laugh at his reminder, but as our family were heavily into black magic, the horror of celebrating with witches,…...[read more]

  • Halloween fills a Vacuum

    30 October, 2017

    Nature abhors a vacuum, so into the spiritual vacuum of mankind's soul Halloween spills. Surely Halloween should stir a shudder in Christian spines everywhere, as a fingernail succeeds when it slides down a blackboard? A world distressed and hungry for light, searches for the compass to life.…...[read more]

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