• Tilted Thinking

    20 March, 2018

    My head leans toward what is common to man, and thus is uncommon to God. I mimic my teachers. The world and its churches are my loudest classrooms. They scream and shout down the divine order to my life. Their education has hindered and hurt me. In the self-help spiritual swamp there are no…...[read more]

  • Hanging by a Golden Thread?

    1 October, 2017

    An unknown man falls down an unseen abyss. He witnesses his life descending at an alarming rate. He catches the golden thread he is now whizzing past. This thread is strong beyond imagination. It is suspended from heaven, but hangs lifeless in a very dark and lonely pit. He who clutches this thread…...[read more]

  • The Noise of the Battle#

    19 September, 2017

    With a multiplying frequency Christians are assailed. The spirit of the antichrist gains momentum. Recently I learned of a Jewish Priest, a Muslim Iman and a Christian Pastor being interviewed on TV. In an uncommon unison each faith leader completely disagreed with mounting pressures for same-sex…...[read more]

  • Rubbing out Regret

    31 July, 2017

    The good Lord would say to any who love Him in both spirit and in truth: Do not permit regret to rule your future, take this stronghold captive and imprison it - for it seeks to rule you and then destroy you. Lay hold of My abounding love and all My surrounding faithfulness to steady you, and fill…...[read more]

  • 'The Silence of the Lambs'#

    23 July, 2017

    "For over a year now and for some time before this, God spoke to me very clearly about the stillness and silence. And the secret place. He reminded me of how the prophets of Baal whipped and danced and screamed for the fire to fall, but it was Elijah's simple prayer that moved…...[read more]

  • The Day of the Eagle

    12 July, 2017

    Eagles are the undisputed warriors of the heavens, the veterans and victors of the skies. Their wing's payloads are both the graces and judgements of God. Eagles are divinely appointed instruments to do His bidding. They swoop and they kill - they stand and they clean. Unlike vultures they do…...[read more]

  • For the Lame & the Lost

    10 July, 2017

    And the Lord said: I will gather the lame and love the lost. My name will be on their foreheads. Because of My name they will receive honor where they have received dishonor. In My name I will raise up a mighty army of the world's refuse and humiliated. I will show them things they have…...[read more]

  • God's Agenda, Not Mine?#

    22 May, 2017

    I was just wondering, is the Lord cutting down church activity in preparation for revival? Is He taking unnecessary activities away to: a) relieve pressure on the leadership, and b) make space for the Holy Spirit to move as He wants to? Is He creating a calm before the next storm??? I believe this…...[read more]

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