• The Hermit's Surprising Lesson

    27 February, 2020

    A hermit possesses nothing save solitude and the presence of the Lord. He neither owns his cave nor even his breath. The hermit has exchanged life's bling for the brightness of seeking the Lord. He knows the soul's ache that only finds emptiness in the flesh. The hermit lives his life as a…...[read more]

  • WHO AM I - I take all & Give nothing?#

    3 December, 2019

    Ruins extend worldwide. They are the promise of a history to be remembered and learnt from, a decaying witness to yesterday and its decisions. History's destructions cannot be repaired, for each is a 'living ruin'. But maybe, just maybe at a human level there can be repair if healing is…...[read more]


    16 July, 2019

    It appears that the desire for virtue by men and women may have been stronger in seasons long past. History records their unusual pursuits, reflections and affections. This group of noble ascetics are often referred to as The Desert Fathers, and they became the template for Christian monasticism.…...[read more]

  • The March of the Inner Man

    14 July, 2019

    Even the cleverest of men rarely perceive their need to change their mind about themselves. Humans should recognize their own negativity and sinfulness, but instead we largely hate or blame almost anything (or anyone) else. We loathe our own faults in other people but not in us. It is too simple to…...[read more]


    12 July, 2019

    Mankind drapes himself in habits that will hide him from himself. We don costumes to deny the true self from self (and from many others). Jesus, very early in His preaching taught on the universal lack of a man's correct self-knowledge. Jesus did not tarry in raising the deceitfulness of the…...[read more]

  • When There Is No Tomorrow

    8 July, 2019

    Mankind only travels earth for a few short years before his silver cord is severed, the golden pitcher smashed and he takes that journey he hopes is to a calm sunset. Life begins with a breath implanted, and ends with a breath snatched away. It is the spirit in the man that is the breath of the…...[read more]

  • The Parable of a Snake & a Saw

    7 July, 2019

    A snake slid into a carpentry workshop. It slithered over a wood-saw and received light wounds. Perceiving it had been attacked it struck back at the saw with a characteristic speed causing great injury to its mouth. Finally it coiled around the saw to suffocate it. With all this serpent's…...[read more]


    6 July, 2019

    Upon whom does God's light not rise? (Job 25:3b) God's eyes fall upon the ways of all men. He knows and examines the paths they take. There are those who rebel against the light, who do not know its ways or stay on its paths. They have turned from seeking God, and hold no regard for His…...[read more]

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