• Kingdom Keys

    25 June, 2012

    Soul Snack 104/12 ... Kingdom Keys Keys are about understanding, privilege, authority and ownership. Keys are received by birth, education, promotion, good association or by wealth. Keys can be learned and earned, they can be traded, lost and won; but no matter what efforts are expended, what…...[read more]

  • The Prince of Paradise - B

    4 August, 2009

    Soul Snack 83/12 ... The Prince of Paradise - B Canopied under perfect mist-laden skies, Adam walked erect with head held high, feet flat and lived with Love. In fact Adam lived a still perfect love because he had just been created in the image of He who IS love. There was only one instruction in…...[read more]

  • The Prince of Paradise - A

    3 August, 2009

    Soul Snack 82/12 ... The Prince of Paradise - A All forms of vegetation abounded in Eden and surrounded Adam. Shamelessly he walked naked through his own brand new paradise. The verdant grasses, the rich colours and the pleasant sounds adorned his every sense. His permanent presence was already…...[read more]

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