• The Perfect Spiritual Recipe ~ Billy Graham

    27 February, 2018

    It is impossible to omit mention from the pages of SoulSupply the passing of a man so willingly and powerfully used by God, maybe even above all men (except Jesus)? To my mind (not that I was there) 1945 was remarkable, for World War Two ended. It was also noteworthy for three rookie evangelists…...[read more]

  • Should the Fields be Barren

    21 January, 2018

    Languished long in empty service? Sown for an eternity among thorns? Lamented visible loss, and the failure to birth spiritual sons and daughters? Relationship with Jesus is God's divine fertilizer in all Christian service. But, even then, the devoted servant may still feel he sows a barren…...[read more]

  • Christians Are Different

    27 September, 2017

    Please forgive me, I may just be wrong. But, it is my experience that Christians (especially males to my male mind) are keen to be accepted by their peers, and so compromise their behavior and/or their speech. The popular Aussie Christian male's mission phrase I usually hear runs something like…...[read more]

  • Since Eden God Has Not Rested

    8 August, 2017

    On the seventh day God rested. Well - did He really, for how long? This restless Father can no more leave His child in sin than deny Himself. The conviction of sin is an eternal mercy from Heaven. The consciousness of guilt is sign of a Divine restlessness to stir the soul. My Father will not rest…...[read more]

  • There Are Not Two Christs#

    30 March, 2017

    A Christian's soul battles his heart. His soul suggests righteousness while his heart stresses indulgence. Hudson Taylor held tightly to his soul's suggestions. He wrote: "There is a needs be for us to give ourselves for the life of the world - as Jesus too gave His flesh... An…...[read more]

  • A Grandma's Justice - New York Style#

    23 March, 2017

    In the winter of 1935, the United States reeled from the throes of the Great Depression. Fiorello La Guardia presided as New York's mayor during those dark days. He was completely unpredictable, a man full of surprises. On a most miserable evening he attended a night court within one of New…...[read more]

  • The Substance of a Christian Man

    5 October, 2016

    Don't drag the flag of God in the earth! Put it up and don't bring shame upon it! Set your face like a soldier to overcome. (Charles Thomas Studd) C.T. Studd murmured to his divine lover on his death bed at Ibamabi in the Belgian Congo until 10:30pm on May 16 1931. His final withering gasp…...[read more]

  • The Lost Cord of Early Christians

    25 September, 2016

    The year was 1925, the setting was the Belgian Congo. C.T. Studd sat in an exhausted solitude well beyond much western Christian imagination and wrote: Sometimes I feel and especially of late, that my cross is heavy beyond endurance... my heart seems worn out and bruised beyond repair, and in my…...[read more]

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