• The Prison of Sin

    26 June, 2013

    Soul Snack 120/13 ... The Prison of Sin Recently a European artist appeared on TV, he explained his favorite religion was paganism as it had no concept of sin. (This thought leaves an undue comfort within a highly indulgent world knowing no concept of tomorrow or judgement.) Christendom seems to…...[read more]

  • Torturing God

    29 May, 2013

    Soul Snack 101/13 ...Torturing God Has life collided with that point where you hunger to avoid it? Have you got a belly-ache from others belly-aching? Has the pain-in-the-neck morphed into a permanent migraine? Do rebellions, rejections and rudeness still sink the soul and puncture the spirit? Do…...[read more]

  • Don't bother comin'

    27 November, 2012

    Soul Snack 213/12 ... Don't bother comin' God gave us sport, art, sex, music, learning and a host of other things as a means of creating joy and love. We have turned them into competitions so fierce that those who can't be number one in their chosen field consider they are failures. The…...[read more]

  • Heaven's Billboard - B

    16 October, 2012

    Soul Snack 183/12 ... Heaven's Billboard - B (This SoulSnack is sequential to Heaven's Billboard -A) Kevin Malarkey is wrestling with his Christian supernatural sense of life. His son Alex is alive on earth but still not recovered. Life in the almost impoverished Malarkey household remains…...[read more]

  • Heaven's Billboard - A

    15 October, 2012

    Soul Snack 182/12 ... Heaven's Billboard - A I believe in the supernatural, both the bad and the good of it yet I only want to know about the good. Christianity is THE religion of the supernatural. Jesus both raised the dead and rose from the dead. He ascended alive into heaven and will return…...[read more]

  • Stone's throw

    29 January, 2012

    Soul Snack 1/12 ... Stone's throw What will you tell the Lord when you meet Him? After Paul had seen the vision, we got ready at once to leave for Macedonia, concluding that God had called us to preach the gospel to them. (Acts 16:10) Through midnight gloom from MacedonThe cry of myriads as of…...[read more]

  • Saints and Scoffers

    19 June, 2011

    Soul Snack 96/11 ... Of Saints and Scoffers Those who disbelieve petrify their disbelief. Scoffing at the Almighty, maligning His potency, accusing Him of disinterest and even non-existence are the bastions of their cause. Yet, disbelief is no hindrance to God's activity in this world. It is…...[read more]

  • God's Agent

    24 October, 2008

    Soul Snack 8/183 ... God's Agents Correct self-perception is an intelligence to be highly desired and wisely acquired. Self ignorance is to be disdained. (cf Mt 7:1-5) I may view myself as a sinner or a winner. I may view myself despondently or with delight. I may view myself as gift-less or…...[read more]

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