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Defeating Darkness

I thankyou Lord you've loved me,                                                                                                                                            To a depth I cannot know,
I thankyou Lord for kindness,
In my Jesus, this you show.

When my tears and sadness beckons,
You are beside me all the way,
You never sleep, you never leave,
You surround me every day.

Though darkness conspires against me,
To darkness I won't host,
I'll speak out your words of goodness,
For you I love the most.

In darkness there is failure,
In fear there is distress,
Yet in every pain I'll come to you,
It's only you I will address.

Jesus wants to lift my sorrows,
He wants to bear my pain,
In Jesus there is hope forever,
Only in Him can I find gain.

Never again will darkness claim me,
Never again can it descend,
For now I know Jesus deeply,
He is my forever friend.

Though fears may rise and haunt me,
This pain is soon released,
For alone in Christ is healing,
For in me He is well pleased

Jesus holds me firmly to Him,
Now I know I'll never fail,
His closeness is magnetic,
No fears can now assail.

The blessing of forgiveness,
Delivers a relationship so real,
Thankyou Lord for Jesus,
He is my forever seal.