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Section 1 ... STUDY A

Healing is for today

1. How do these verses teach us about healing?
Psalms 35:27b, Malachi 3:6, Luke 4:18:b, John 10:10b,14:12

2. Discuss: In these verses Jesus is exaggerating.
Mark 11:20-25, Jn 14:12

3. Look at Luke 9:1-2.
What does Jesus tell his followers to do?
Has he changed these instructions today?

4. Discuss: Third world countries see far more miracles than the western world. Why? Can Luke 4:18, 6:20, 14:13 help explain this?

5. Discuss: Children are models of faith because they are teachable?

6. How could 'teachability' be an important issue for healings?

7. Is this true? "We cannot be content to merely recount the stories of what He used to do, as if basking in Biblical history is all He requires of us. He is still willing to use that power to bring people into freedom ... God did not turn off that power when Jesus left earth' (p149 'Confronting Powerless Christianity' Charles Kraft.)

8. Discuss: When considering items of healing, 'experience informed from The Word is legitimate'.

9. Discuss: Jesus wants to use us and heal us.

10. T or F Faith releases healing. Look at Mt 13:58, Mk 6:5, Lk 8:48 & 50, Gal 3:5