• Making Faith Decent Again

    16 November, 2019

    A Christian church lives as the body of Christ. Its members live by faith, not sight. So too then should the organisation. Faith steps into the unseen without any visible means of support, at Jesus' call. It is not until the disciple is out of the rocky boat, maybe even in fear of sinking that…...[read more]

  • God Definitely cannot do this!

    14 November, 2019

    The day approaches when accusation and condemnation will be no more. Every believer will then believe humbly and wisely about themselves. In humility they will ever hold fast to the Lord, and He too them. This is both the Lord's certain promise and guarantee, from He who swears no oaths nor…...[read more]

  • 3 Provocative Theological Branches

    12 November, 2019

    What informs us, forms us. ~ Michael Cartwright Countless trees were abundant in Eden, but God only named two of them. Now wind the clock forward from the beginning of time to its end. Please note only one of these trees is named in the new heaven - the Tree of Life. The Tree of Knowledge…...[read more]

  • 14 Reasons why Faith is Indecent to the Church

    10 November, 2019

    "We have spread so many ashes over the historical Jesus that we scarcely feel the glow of His presence anymore." ~ Brennan Manning Faith calls the church to heel and trust, but knowledge commands the church to replace faith with reason. (Peter stepped over the gunwales of a boat in a…...[read more]


    7 November, 2019

    The good Lord cares for our inner fire, He stokes it from bucket-loads of high-octane of blessings. Where blessing exists, favor lives. The apostle Paul wrote so that his words would nourish many, for this is the exact nature of blessing. Savor these verses, dwell on them, for their goodness is…...[read more]

  • God @ Wine & Cheese Tastings

    5 November, 2019

    In the beginning God created man in His image and saw that this was very good. He was very well pleased. In the beginning God walked with man and they were both good friends. They both held perfect company. In the beginning God showed man how to live, how to never become hurt. Both were safe. Soon…...[read more]