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Section 1 ... Study C

Healing is Fruit Bearing

1. Why does Jesus choose disciples? Jn 15:16

2. Describe the type of fruit Jesus asks for in Jn 15:16? How is this different from apples and oranges?

3. Discuss: "... His kingdom grows more through the patient fruit bearing than through attacking the works of the devil." Rick Joyner.(The Torch And The Sword ..p103)

Look also at 1 Jn 3:8, does this verse support the above quote?

4. What 'fruit' do these healings deliver?
5. Jesus wants His followers equipped. Eph 4:11-12
He has given this charge of healing to His followers. Lk 9:1
How are healing gifts equipping? Look also at Mt 9:35-10:1

6. Discuss: Jesus gifts are for ministry, the well being of others. Gifts are not for the well being of the gift holder.

7: Discuss: Healing does not depend on us!
How could this thought be both liberating and humbling?

8: How could Ps 102:17 be a focus for healing?

9: How interested is Jesus in our fruit bearing, using our gifts for Him? Look at Mt 25:14-30