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Never underestimate the value of a hug
For it can say so many things
Though heartstrings it may tug
A hug can say I love you
More than words can ever say
Or it can say I'm sorry
That you have to go away
A hug can give such comfort
When you feel that you're alone
From the time you are a baby
Until you are full grown
A hug can simply say g'day
I'm really glad you've come
Or come again another day
We've really had great fun
Some people back away from hugs
And that is really sad
If they would just succumb to one
They'd find they aren't too bad
A hug conveys the warmth of love
It plants a caring seed
In all the troubles of this world
It's mankind's greatest need
Sometimes you just can't find the words
To say the things you feel
But if you give a hug instead
Your feelings you'll reveal
Don't be afraid to drop your guard
To smile or shed a tear
For when you give someone a hug
They know that love is near
Author  - Jan Dower