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JOHN 5:1-30

Context: Jesus has just healed the cripple at Bethesda. As always this creates controversy. The issue was clear in verse 12 - "Who is Jesus". In verse 15 the healed man has revealed Jesus' identity. Jesus now continues to reveal Himself to both those who will accept His identity and those who won't.

1. True or False: Jesus is the controversy king. Discuss.

2. What do these verses indicate about Jesus' identity? v.17a v.17b v.19 and 30 v.20 v.21 and 24 v.22 and 27 v.23

3. a] How is v.18 worked out in Matthew 27:23-26?

b] Do you see any application of John 5:18 and Matthew 27:25 today?

4. a] How is Jesus claim in v.24 the ultimate exercise of authority?

b] What does it mean to not be condemned?

c] Look also at Romans 8:1. What place do feelings of condemnation and words of condemnation have in a believer's life?

d] What do you think is the difference between condemnation and Holy Spirit conviction?

5. Discuss from v.25 to 30 True or False: The person of Jesus, His nature and authority is totally unmistakeable to all.

6. a] Reflect: In v.21 Jesus has been pleased to give me life, yet in v.30 Jesus only pleases the Father. What does this suggest to you about the salvation selection process?

b] What does Jesus selection of me mean for me? What new things have you learnt about Jesus? Is there a challenge in this new info?

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