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JOHN 9:1-12

Significant sadness surely surrounds those with congenital health issues. An adult who had felt the sun, but not seen it. An adult that had sniffed at daisies yet not seen them. An adult drenched in rain yet failing to perceive the rainbow. Such a person Jesus would want to help. As if claiming to be the "light of the world' was insufficient. As if walking on water, feeding crowds and creating wine was still not enough. Now he supports his claim! Now the Light of the World introduces light into the world of he who had no light.

1. a) Is Obadiah 12 reflected in the disciples' question of v.1 & 2?

b) Discuss: darkness is the greatest cheat!

2. What is the reason for this man's suffering? v.3

Do people ever suffer because of their sin?

Can ill health be traced to sin?

What do these verses indicate? Lev 26:14-16, Ps 107:15, Jer 30:15, Jn 5:14, 1 Cor 11:29-30, James 4:14-16.

3. Discuss: v.4

The season to God's work is finite!

What does this statement mean for you? See also Jn 5:20/15:16

4. a) Write v.5 in your own words.

b) What do you think is evidence of darkness in a person's life?

5. Discuss: Jesus must first touch us if we are to see (v.6).

Discuss: To receive Jesus' touch and remain disobedient will leave me in darkness.

6. Discuss: v.8ff - A miracle witnessed is a miracle disbelieved.

Has this ever happened to you? When?

7. How has this man's testimony been helpful (v.8ff)?

What is the great value in testimony? Rev 12:11

Why would satan keep us timid about our testimony?

8. If you were asked the question of v.12 would you be able to respond?

If so, what would you say?

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