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JOHN 5:31-47

Re-cap. Last week we saw how Jesus demonstrates His identity at the Pool of Bethesda. Then He spells it out quite clearly to the Jews. This week Jesus uses external witness to Himself to continue to reinforce the truth of who He is.

1. True or False: Chapter 5 is not about getting Jesus right. Discuss

2. List the other evidence as to Jesus identity? v.33 v.36 v.37 v.46

3. a] How do v.34 and v.41 show Jesus in not interested in self-promotion?

b] How does this contrast to the Jesus in v.44?

c] What does Jesus teach about approval in Matthew 25:21 and 23?

4. a] Discuss: John 5:39 and 40 are arguably two of the most powerful verses in the bible.

b] Discuss: Failure to discern the drift of the scriptures is simply confined to the Jews.
i) True or False: Barclay "They did not love God, but rather their own ideas about God."
ii) When is Barclay's comment true for us too?

d] True or False: Many still fail to understand a person is more important than rules.

5. What do you think the road of belief is, in v.41 to v.47?

6. a] What things have you learned about yourself today?

b] How do v.39-40 speak about priorities to you?

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