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JOHN 6:1-24

Re-cap. All through Chapter 5 [indeed this gospel so far] Jesus continues to reinforce His identity, that God maybe known.God the Father is known when the Son is known. [cf John 1:18] It is therefore of eternal importance that all have the opportunity to know Jesus correctly. This opportunity Jesus wants to present to all.

1. Discuss: It is harder today to recognize the miraculous than it was in Jesus' day

2. a] How does the crowd's view of Jesus develop between v.2 and v.14?

b] Look at 6:26. What was their true motivation?

c] Discuss: Look at v.23-24. "Miracles make followers".

3. v.16-17 Without Jesus His followers can face distress. What 4 elements of personal distress are found in v.16-19? [Do not include Jesus' approach.]

4. True or False: Jesus enters the difficult via the miraculous. v.19

5. a] Why were the disciples afraid? v.19.

b] Discuss: Fear is the biggest blockage to receiving all Jesus' goodness for me.

c] When has fear prevented you from living by faith?

d] Discuss: It can be easy to fail seeing Jesus in our times of distress.

6. a] Discuss: from v.20 and 21. When I take Jesus at His word, and allow Him on board, life changes dramatically.

b] When have you done this? What changes did you see?

7. George Harrison said shortly before dying."...everything in life can wait, but the search for God can not wait." Discuss in light of v.24

8. What do these 2 miracles explain about Jesus' interest in you?

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