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JOHN 6:25-52

Jesus is still really interested in His hearers being correct about Him. Here He explains His origins and discusses His supernatural precedents. He is deliberate in the re-focus of their thinking. From correct reception of Jesus will come correct living [v.27]. In this passage Jesus re-defines salvation, and expands on the intimate relationship between He and the Father.

A] The Living Bread. v. 25-40.

1. Discuss: Jesus now uses the occasion of the miraculous to introduce discussion on the supernatural.

2. True or False: Self interest is a legitimate motive to approach Jesus. [v.25]
True or False:
It is always good to inquire of Jesus. [cf v.25 and 26].

3. What fresh thinking does Jesus introduce in v.27 and 29?

4. Explain Jesus claim in v.35. Can you find a connection with John 7:37 to 39? If so, what is it? [See also John 4:10 and 14].

5. What is the biggest barrier to true satisfaction? v.36 Discuss this quote from Augustine: "Thou has made us for Thyself and our hearts are restless 'till they rest in thee'
Discuss: "Jesus could speak authoritatively about satisfaction because He never pursued His own."

B] Listening to the Living Bread. v.41-52.

1.Look at v.41 and 42.
True or False
: "Carnal sight is blind to supernatural sightings."

2. There are great reasons for assurance here. Please list them. v.44 v.45 v.46 v.47 v.51

3. Early Christians were accused of cannibalism. What does v.51 mean?

4. Discuss: There is deafness to these listeners. [see v.41 and 52] Have you also grumbled at the truth? When?

5. What truth has affirmed your soul tonight?
How may this change you tomorrow?

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