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JOHN 6:53-71

Jesus is offering a different menu by now. He is offering forever food [v.58] Once again His identity is clear [v.62]. Yet, as always there are those who accept the truth and those who reject it. There are the moths who are attracted to light and the cockroaches who flee from it. From this passage people really are confronted with what menu they will order from.

1. Words of Invitation. [v.53-59]
a] Put v.53 and 54 in your own words.

b] Define: 'real' in v.55. [Does v.63 help?]
How is Jesus not talking about cannibalism?

c] What is Jesus inviting His hearers to receive: v.54 v.56 v.57 and 58
: "Since Genesis 3 spiritual sustenance that does not sustain has been offered."

d] True or False: Fleeting contact with Jesus is sufficient for spiritual sustenance. [cf v.57]
Discuss: Jesus offers spiritual sustenance from a living God, not a dead idol. [v.57] Why must His sustenance be superior?

2.The Words of Decision.v.60-71.
a] Again Jesus' teaching is punctuated by disagreement [v.60], grumbling [v.61], disbelief [v.64], rejection [v.66]. Sadly all this is from His disciples [v.61]. When have you seen these behaviours in those who also claim to follow him?

b] How does v.65 provide great confidence for those who would accept and believe the words of Jesus?

c] Why are Jesus' words so absolutely unique? v.63 v.68

d] Discuss: v.66. "It can be easy to follow Jesus until you really understand His claims on you." [Remember Luke 14:33?]

e] What are the implications of Peter's assessment of Jesus for our lives? [v.69]

f] How does this chapter promote daily Bible reading and prayer?

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