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Jesus had only entered this world to bring good. Constantly however He encounters opposition. So many around can neither identify Him correctly or perceive the goodness He so clearly demonstrates. This alone must have brought our Lord great sadness. 'He was despised and rejected by men, A man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering.'[Isaiah 53:3a]

1. How may Isaiah 53:11a be appropriate for today's passage?

2. Discuss v.2-4 - The opportunity for public acclamation/self promotion can be seductive.

3. Look at v.6 and v.30 and 8:20.
Discuss: For those under God's rule there are seasons.Those who don't believe are free to act as they wish.

4. a] How do v.6-8 show that Jesus is spiritually self-possessed? [i.e. not self indulgent.]

b]When Have you demonstrated spiritual self-possession?

5. Discuss: Jesus does not turn away from danger, neither does He rush into it. [cf. v.1 and v.11).
What does John Calvin mean and does this quote fit Jesus? "... We must always beware that we do not for the sake of life lose the purpose for living"

6. a] The debate about Jesus continues to rage. [v. 12-13]. Self interest is a far more dominant theme than getting Jesus correct. How? Look at v.13.

b] Is Mark 8:38 applicable to v.12-13? Why or why not?

7. Jesus continually desires to bring good into our life. [John 10:10]. How has He done this tonight?

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