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Spiritual truths are spiritually received [John 6:63, 1 Corinthians 2:14] Jesus continues to struggle bringing His new light into entrenched old darkness. Jesus has now moved to extend His influence. All His previous teaching had been conducted at Galilee. Now is the first time John speaks of Jesus' teaching in Jerusalem. The Feast of Tabernacles is the greatest of 3 great annual feasts. This is the high point of the Jewish year. This is the feast at the completion of the harvest. It marks the successful completion of Jewish labour. Now is the time to relax and rejoice. This a time of harvest thanksgiving and continued for 7-8 days.

1. Look at v.14-17
a] Discuss: There is a course of learning not conducted in academies.

b] True or False: The path of learning is choosing God's will.

c] How can God's will be the academy for my life?

2. V.18 Discuss: Motives define truth.

3. a] How are v.21-24 a revelation of hypocrisy?

b] How is v.24 really about "the hollowness of human insight."

4. v.27 and v.42 simply indicate confusion about Jesus.
How is this demonstrated today?

5. v.28 Jesus continues to identify Himself most clearly despite results. He maintains:

    • He is readily identifiable
    • He is not an independent agent
    • He is not here to deceive
When are these 3 characteristics also evident in our Christian lives? [Remember - Christians mimic/copy Jesus]

6. v.30 Discuss: It is impossible to arrest Jesus.

7. v.32-36 How do these verses demonstrate "the natural can't apprehend the spiritual"?
How has Jesus shown you tonight that He is deliberately focussed on your well being? (For He still desires to strengthen our faith. [cf. v.31].)

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