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JOHN 7:37-52

This is a passage of both division and invitation. As always Jesus polarises responses.People are simply separated along the lines of acceptance and rejection. Nothing has changed and Jesus' invitation to respond will continue.

1. What invitation is issued in v.37?

2. a] What is the necessary precursor to receiving the Holy Spirit? V.38

b] True or False: Holy Spirit reception is the gate to belief.

c] Is Jesus referring to the believer as being a river or reservoir of the Holy Spirit? Why or why not?

3. a] Explain the connection between 7:38 and 39 and 6:41 and v.48

b] Have you known this to be true in your life? How?

4. From v.38 how can I bring a blessing to another?
-What does this prayer mean? Would you pray it? "Lord, I can't hold much, but help me to overflow lots." Amen

5. Look at v.45-52. [Remember the Pharisees were the well educated, the contemporary intelligentsia.]

Discuss: Bono [U 2] said: "The less you know the more you believe."

Discuss: "There is spiritual strength in ignorance and spiritual vulnerability in education."

6. v.50 - How does Nicodemus appear to be a man of character?
Cf. John 3:1, 19:39.

7. Has Jesus issued you an invitation this evening? Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in your life, that you may pass His blessing on to another.

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