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JOHN 8:1-20

Jesus always uses curious self-descriptions. In fact as we have seen, Jesus' claims to be all the important things needed in life. This unacceptable Jesus meets an equally unacceptable woman. Intended murder, deceit, condemnation and accusation, all show the darkness of this situation. Yet into the darkness, The Truth will shine so brightly. Firstly, Jesus demonstrates He is the light of the world [v.1-11], then He teaches this [v.12-20]. Again His teachings are so clearly supported by His preceding actions.

1. Look at v.2. What are the 2 lights in this verse?

2. People gather to meet Jesus at dawn. Is there a model here for us to-day.

Discuss: "I arise with the light for the light."

3. How are v.6b-8 words of light?

4. What happens in v.9 that demonstrated darkness? Look at John 1:5

5. Is verse 11 a verse of light?

Discuss: "Condemnations and accusations are the work of darkness." [see also Rev 12:10b]

6. Write in your own words Jesus promise of v.12

7. How are the Pharisees still in darkness? v.13

8. What elements of 'light' is Jesus teaching? v.12 v.16 v.18 v.19

9. a] Discuss: Light reveals flaws.To stay away from Jesus is to sit in sin.

b] Discuss: Jesus want to remove me from the dangers of darkness.

c] What are some indicators of dark areas in my life [e.g. pride]

d] Discuss: Light reception is a deliberate choice/activity. It is not received by osmosis!

Thank Jesus for the light He has brought to your body, soul and spirit.

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