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The light of the world continues to shine with exceptional clarity, His truth to all who would see. Light reveals flaws and separates by showing up differences. This light is shining His distinctiveness into a difficult Judaism. In drawing distinctions Jesus draws faith.

1. a) Discuss: Without a distinctive Jesus there is no Jesus to be the object of faith.

b) Discuss: To die in sin is the ultimate disaster.

c) Discuss: The distinctiveness of Jesus is faith enhancing.

2. v.21- Is Jesus speaking of suicide? Why/Why not?

3. What are the distinctions that Jesus draws? v.21 v.23

4. What is the content of faith in v.24?

5. a) What is the evidence in this passage that Jesus is not an independent agent?

b) What does it mean to me to be dependent on the Father?

6. Discuss: Even amidst great opposition faith is not suppressed. Is this shown in the passage?

7. a) How do you make decisions that please Jesus?

b) When do you make decisions that please Jesus?

8. a) How can v.28c & v.29 be a model for life?
Can you see a connection with 1 Cor 6:19c & 20?

b) T or F: When I please God I please myself too. Why/Why not?

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