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JOHN 8:31-47

America's tallest president (6' 4") wrestled for freedom. Serving only one term (1861-65), Lincoln carries credit for promoting the most basic of human rights- freedom. The cry of all those in slavery is for freedom (except where slavery is comfortable). Here, Jesus continues to disciple believers. He challenges tenacity (v.31 & 32) and continues to shine His light into their lives (v.33-47).

1. v.32 Discuss: This must be the most important verse in the entire Scriptures.

2. v.33 How does this verse reflect Mt 7:3-5?

3. v.34 Discuss: Sonship is preferable to slavery.
Think: I can be in slavery and not realise I am.

4 How is murder an indication of slavery? v.37ff

5. There is a very healthy and accurate description of the enemy in v.44.
List Jesus' descriptions of satan:

Discuss: Any time you observe someone doing A), B), or C) they are actually doing satan's work for him.
How else is satan described in Rev 12:10b?
Do you know anyone who acts like this?
Who is the source of their inspiration?

6. Discuss: Ignorant hearers, disbelieving disciples and the bold truth are still part of Jesus' lot today. Has anything changed?

7. a) How can I know God is my father? (v.47)

b) What impact does Luke 14:33 have on those who claim God as father?

c) This passage is a discussion with believers (v.31). In the light of this passage discuss: There are degrees of conviction.

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