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JOHN 8:48-59

The Jews continue to demonstrate how they do not belong to God (v.47). They are still unable to receive Jesus' truth and identity. Curiously though, the Jews continue to look for a spiritual explanation to this unimpressive man that stands before them. The demonic was real then as it is today.

1. Discuss: The Jews are looking to evil to describe good. v.48

How is v.48 a reflection of Matt 12:34 & 35?

T or F: The Jews are ascribing Jesus' teaching to the evil one because they don't like it.

2. T or F: It is always difficult to defend yourself.

Discuss: Jesus is losing the battle re His identity.

3. What is the unassailable promise in this passage that no other religion can offer?

4. a) How is v.59 an outworking of v.47?

b) Remember Jesus is talking to believers (v.31).

What does v.59 teach you about the nature of belief?

5. Discuss: "He who does not seek honour does not receive it."

Does this statement apply to Jesus? Why/Why not?

6. Discuss: the paradox of v.50 is that the Jews who are sitting in judgement on Jesus are really sitting under the judge himself.

How is the Jews' judgement reflected in v.57 & 59?

7. What is the claim Jesus makes about himself in v.58?

8. As this chapter closes, Jesus has clearly been in a battle with darkness.

How does v.59 indicate this?

Are there indicators in your life too of a battle with darkness?

What are they?

How can you shine light into this battle?

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