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    28 March, 2008

    Enjoy this supernatural encounter of a Muslim meeting Jesus in a Muslim dominated African country. Names have been deleted or changed for the protection of those in this prayer request. Please pray protection regularly for 'Ahmed' and his friends.

    Be encouraged that Jesus responds to prayers and is mightily active right across this world. Please note their diligence in devotion to their new saviour

    An 'explosion' of Truth has been taking place in our Mosque prayer area. The new believers there are joining together with the other Muslim friends we've held up in prayer for more than a year, and with some newer contacts I've not mentioned before, to really seek the mercy and revelation of God.

    It was specially triggered when Jesus 'visited' Ahmed Saturday night in a very powerful dream/vision which has not only opened up his eyes further, but also the eyes of those around him.

    To give you a basic outline, Ahmed had been praying for a much deeper revelation of Christ, to be able to follow Him with all of his heart - a truly wonderful thing for all of us to pray! That night as he slept, he saw himself in the middle of a river, struggling to survive. He cried out to God to rescue him, with his hands reaching to heaven, and suddenly Jesus appeared to him, in the brightest white clothing, and spoke to Ahmed, telling him that He needed to help him. He touched Ahmed's hands, and brought him onto the dry land. Ahmed was shocked and surprised when he woke up, and instantly began to pray.

    When he lay down again, Jesus came to his bed in a vision, and told him some very strengthening things, and told him to go and read a specific verse in God's word ...only that after Ahmed 'recovered' from all of this, he could no longer remember the verse.

    It has really shaken these guys, and has woken many of them up to the 'mercy' of God despite their foolishness to reject Him earlier, or to joke around with 'Truth'.These events speak to them.

    As a result, the new believers from the Mosque - have come together with many others to seriously 'seek' God. All of them request our dedicated prayers for them at this time, as they really seek to discover - and FOLLOW - the truth. Each of them is reading God's word, even till late at their night time