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His soul was overwhelmed
With a sorrow filled with care.
Our Jesus knew his purpose,
God's cup of wrath to bear.
“If you cannot take it from me
I will pray, your will done”.

Then He bowed unto His Father
As a true and faithful son.
In faithful love and service
Our Jesus knelt to pray.
“Not my will but yours,”
Was all that He could say.

His body pierced and broken
Was nailed upon a cross.
Then, Christ became our saviour
So we would not suffer loss.

“O not my will, but yours”

Should be our prayer, my friend.
To seek the Father's purpose
Till our life is at an end.
To let the Holy Spirit
Be our Guide throughout each day,
“O not my will but yours”
Are the words we need to pray.

If we belong to Jesus
The risen Christ of love.
We have no other option
Than to serve our God above.
When we receive a calling
We should kneel and take a pause.
Then pray this prayer of Jesus,
O not my will but only yours. (author - Bill Taylor)