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PEACE and HOPE are for YOU

George Harrison died in LA , Nov 29 01. George Harrison lived an instinct for the divine. Consistently this quiet man with both fame and fortune taught 'everything in life can wait but the search for God cannot.' He was correct.

He had it all, but knew he still needed more. Countless millions both preceeding and proceeding George have faced 'forever'. They too have looked for God. They too have had an instinct for the divine.This desire He has placed inside all mankind (Ecclesiates 3:11). His desire is to bring me eternal blessings.

Life's choice is to live in His presence now and then enjoy Him forever (heaven), or ignore Him now and face the misery of life without Him forever (hell).

This website is absolutely dedicated to you knowing Jesus is available for you. He is the God of the cross and is now in Heaven. His goodness is now available for your life. Jesus is the only true god. He is the only god to rise from the dead. He is the only one to defeat the enemy, death. He is the only God who can and will forgive sins. Relationship and forgiveness are His good eternal desire's for you.

If you would like His gentle and humble presence with you, if you would like His permanent forgiveness for sins, His invitation to you is SALVATION (heaven forever) for free! Please just pray this short prayer...

Father in heaven, I want to live with you now and forever. Thankyou that Jesus died for my sins. Please forgive my sins and fill me with your Holy Spirit that I may know you now on earth and enjoy serving you forever. Amen.

Jesus now has your seat in heaven reserved and heaven celebrates. The other material on this site will help you grow in your new Christian faith. It is really helpful to start Bible reading daily. A good place to start are the Gospels in the New Testament. May our good Lord bless your new life with Him richly.

Peace and hope now belong to you!  ENJOY!